Welcome to Arrow Group

Network Colocation

We offer economical plans that range from a single 1U server to a full cabinet. We can provide you a connection to internet ranging from 100Mbps to 10G. We can also provide cross connect to Tier 1 providers including Zayo. 100Mbps Included at no additional cost :)

Wholesale Internet

We operates AS20119 network, built on Juniper MX platform. Our network includes multiple tier 1 providers including Zayo and Hurricane Electric. Available Access Networks: Zayo/Allstream, City of Calgary Fiber, Shaw. Current Specials: 1G transit $300 and 10G $1500


YYCIX is available on site. Cross connect to YYCIX is free within Arrow Facilty. On Nov 15th 2018, Arrow became first 100G YYCIX location :)

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